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We would be lying if we said that roasting was easy or starting an indie coffee roasters was cheap, but the rewards are many. And we want to share them with you!

Known as slot-roasting or toll-roasting, or as we prefer 'Co-roasting' we offer like-minded coffee professionals the chance to take full control over their coffee offerings, by hiring out our Giesen W15 and roastery equipment at an affordable rate, by the hour or a day rate.

We recognised that whilst our roaster lay idle, we had the opportunity to share, not only our equipment but also our knowledge. Coffee roasting is not a dark art, but rather a science and practice that can be learnt and developed through experience and guidance.

For us, opening a roastery after a collective 30 years in independent coffee houses was the inevitable next step. The ability to have full control over what we sourced and served, what roast profiles we desired, and the furthering of our collective coffee educations were the primary reasons we started Pharmacie. We have also enjoyed the creative opportunity able to develop our own packaging and brand with a strong enviromental ethos and design aesthetic and have no doubt that our co-roaster companies will feel similarly. Who doesn't want to see their logo on a bag of coffee they have hand-roasted?!

In the years since we opened we have created and maintained excellent relationships with multiple quality arabica importers, meaning our co-roasters can cup samples and buy from multiple sources without having to worry about minimum order requirements or paying delivery fees as we are able to consolidate your coffee with ours. There is significant money to be saved in buying and roasting your own coffee but to be honest if you are reading this, finance probably features fairly low down your considerations. This is an opportunity for serious coffee lovers who want to take their specialty coffee house to the next level.
We currently have room for new slot-roasters to join our passionate and skilled co-roasting community, if you are interested please email Tash for more information:






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We are moving Pharmacie to our new home in Lewes! All online orders placed from April 29th will be sent by Royal Mail on Tuesday 4th May.

We will continue to deliver by cycle courier to BN1/BN2/BN3, with our next delivery date being Friday 7th May. Many thanks! X

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