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Gesha, Luis Anibal Calderon, Colombia — Filter Roast

  • Product Info

    PRODUCER: Luis Anibal Calderon

    PROCESS:  Anaerobic Natural

    REGION: Acevedo, Villa / Betulia, Huila 

    VARIETAL: Gesha

    ALTITUDE: 1500-1600 MASL

    Tasting Notes: Black cherry & wine with sweet raisins, marzipan & dark chocolate body.

    About The Coffee 

    A superb Gesha coffee from Colombia from Luis Anibal Calderon. This super premium coffee comes in a limited number of 150g bags so treasure the experience once brewed.

    This coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to use only the ripest cherries, exposed to an aerobic environment for 24 hr, and then placed in grainpro bags for 200 hours fermentation, later sun-dried on raised beds until ideal moisture content was achieved.

    Go Deeper

    Luis Anibal Calderon is a second-generation coffee grower born in Acevedo, Huila. When he turned 15, his father gifted him a small portion of land from which he was able to start saving some profits. At age 30, Luis got married and had 3 sons. When he turned 40, he owned a 20-hectare farm - Villa Betulia - Luis Anibal asked a local bank for a large loan to enable him to purchase his second farm.

    Unfortunately, the C-price began to drop for the next two years and Anibal wasn’t making any profit, so he had to sell the farm he had dreamed about to pay back 40% of the loan.

    In 2011 Luis Anibal Calderon was at risk of losing his remaining farm to the bank and needed to improve his financial situation. Which led him to his town’s speciality coffee association. They paid 15% above the C-market price, which was not enough to reward the effort needed to produce speciality coffee. In 2012 Luis planted 5000 Gesha trees.