Tumbaga, COLOMBIA DECAF - Espresso Roast

  • Product Info

    PRODUCER: various smallholders

    PROCESS: fully washed, sugarcane decaffeinated

    REGION: Cauca, Tolima, Antioquia and Eje Cafetero

    VARIETY: local varieties

    ALTITUDE: 1400-2100 MASL

    Tasting Notes:          Notes of orange and marzipan with a rich and spicy maple and dark chocolate body

    About The Coffee 

    Tumbaga Sugarcane Decaf is a consistent and affordable blend directly sourced from our supplier's vertically-integrated supply chain. 

    Our Tumbaga is named for an alloy of gold, copper, and silver that was used throughout Colombia to make small, often religious, objects. This alloy symbolically married the contradictory energies of sun (gold) and moon (silver), producing a balance between opposites, much like our Tumbaga Sugarcane Decaf. An excellent cup without the caffeine, our Tumbaga will energize you without keeping you up at night.

    While most decafs out there use older coffees, this is high quality coffee sourced from our integrated supply chain.

    Knowing that the decaffeination process will magnify sweetness and acidity, our QC origin teams carefully source for high body, high sweetness and low acidity. With a strong foundation, we create a balanced, chocolatey and sweet cup that we’re confident is the best on the market.

    Thanks to Colombia’s incredible climatic diversity we are able to offer a consistent Tumbaga profile all year round. Our whole-harvest, sustainable supply chains mean that you can expect that consistency at accessible prices, all while supporting producer resilience. Sourcing follows harvest times and will generally be sourced from Tolima or Cauca during the summer months and Antioquia or the regions in Eje Cafetero in the winter ones.