Sitio Pinhalzinho, Brazil — Espresso Roast

Sitio Pinhalzinho, Brazil — Espresso Roast

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Tasting notes: Notes of cherry & mango balanced by rich chocolate, raisin & hazelnut with a smooth full body.

About the coffee

Farm: Sitio Pinhalzinho

Owner: Segio Luis Riccetto
Type: Yellow Bourbon / Mondo Novo

Altitude: 1200 masl

Sitio Pinhalzinho has great positioning at high altitude, making conditions ideal for the production of speciality coffee. Segio Luis Riccetto battles challenges of a changing climate, extreme weather & periods of drought on his 13-hectare farm, but through a commitment to the land, he consistently produces coffee of high quality.

Due to its dry climate the producers in the region of Divinolandia tend to specialise in naturally produced coffee, this process is also traditional & requires much less water than other processing methods, The main harvesting period is July where coffees are picked by hand before being separated by ripeness and patio dried.