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Metallurgica MOTTA Tamper 58.4mm

  • Product Info

    Metallurgica Motta are the makers of the original competition tamper designed for the Barista world championships This precision tamper is laser etched 58.4mm and is designed to ensure that you have a perfect fit for most commercial sized 58mm baskets and 58.4mm competition baskets.

    These precision tampers are a perfect fit, preventing the tamper from moving side to side, which helps prevent channelling and spurting from the sides when using a naked portafilter. Good tamping ensures a solid and even puck, which will enhance the shot for a smoother taste. Made from a flat, stainless-steel base and Italian stained beech wood from one of Italy's best tamper makers, makes it ideal for any Baristas, looking for a tamper that both holds up under heavy use.

    Features: Made by Italy's top tamper makers

    Designed and manufactured in Italy

    Non-stick stainless-steel base

    Weighted 365g for perfect compression

    Solid ash ergonomically shaped handle - won't wear