Mauro Cesar Ricetto, BRAZIL— Espresso Roast

  • Product Info

    FARM/LOT: Sitio Contendas

    PROCESS: natural

    REGION: Divinolandia

    VARIETAL: Red Catuai

    ALTITUDE: 1000-1300 MASL

    Tasting Notes:       notes of red apple and marzipan with muscovado sugar and milk chocolate body

    About The Coffee

    Mauro Riccetto is a descendant of Italians who came to Brazil in the early 1900s aiming to find lands and jobs. They settled in the region of Divinolândia and São Sebastião da Grama, working on coffee plantations. They managed to buy a small farm for their family, where besides coffee, they planted beans, rice, corn, and other crops for subsistence and raised cattle.

    Agriculture has been passed down through generations, and Mauro continues to practice everything he learned from his parents and grandparents. He works with his brothers in the fields, where coffee is now the main crop.

    After the harvest, the coffee goes to the patio where it is dried in the sun aiming a more uniform result. After a few days it may go through a mechanical dryer, depending on the weather and the pace of the harvest. Afterward, the coffee is sent to the tulha (wooden boxes) to rest for a few days before being processed. It is then classified before being sold.