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Gisha, Gatare BURUNDI — Filter Roast

Gisha, Gatare BURUNDI — Filter Roast

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Tasting Notes: Big 'n boozy with notes of cherry juice, cola, dark chocolate orange & heavy body




Producer: Bugestal
Type: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1660 MASL

Gisha Washing Station is located in N'gozi Province, Tangara Commune. Above Gisha station, there are ambling hills once the home of King Bigayimpunzi, which houses a palace which was used as the home of highly ranked dignitaries who oversaw the administration of the region. Gisha is considered the headquarters of the commune’s jurisdiction & was named by the King himself.

This wet mill collects cherries from almost 1750 local producers & was ranked in the top 15 coffees of Burundi’s Cup of Excellence 2019. This is a big natural processed lot with excellent cleaness & sweetness.

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