El Cipres Microlot, El Salvador — Filter Roast

El Cipres Microlot, El Salvador — Filter Roast

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Tasting notes: Delicate notes of rose and fresh peach bellini. Sparkling acidy with milk chocolate body.

About the coffee

Mill: El Borbollon
Owner: Alvarez Gallardo
Type: Bourbon
Altitude: 1070–1800 MASL

This micro-lot was produced for falcon speciality importers, who asked the El Borbollon Mill in Santa Ana to create a set of 8 unique processed lots for the first time using the best cherries from the El Cipres Estate. El borbollon has invested heavily in its future, building further African drying beds and takes to expand its ability to produce unique micro lots.

once this coffee has been floated and hand selected it is placed on the African beds from where it is turned every 30 minutes from when the coffee is covered in the midday hours. Usually, drying can take up to 21 days.