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Boa Vista, Brazil — Espresso Roast

Boa Vista, Brazil — Espresso Roast

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Tasting notes: Redcurrant & muscovado sugar notes with treacle & full baker's cocoa body

Farm: Adenisio de Araujo
Type: Cataui
Altitude: 1250 MASL

Adenisio de Araujo's farm, Boa Vista grows many coffee varietals but this lot is produced selecting only from the area of the farm dedicated to Catuai.  This a classic pulped natural showing strong sweetness & warming tones with a nicely balanced perfume & acidity with full body & mouthfeel.

Red & Yellow fruiting Catuai is picked & depulped on the same day before being fully sun dried, aided by cool wind at an altitude of 1250m.  

Due to its dry climate the producers in the region of Divinolandia tend to specialise in naturally produced coffee, this process is also tradional and requires much less water than other processing methods.

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