Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast

Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast
Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast
Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast
Product image 1Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast
Product image 2Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast
Product image 3Union San Pedro, MEXICO — Espresso Roast

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Tasting Notes: Honeyed dates, caramel & dulce de leche with a silky soft mouthfeel


FARM: Salomon Garcia (Union San Pedro)
PRODUCER LEDGER: Emmanuel Ramirez, Faustino Ramirez, Genaro Perez, Carlos Perez, Apolonio Perez, Rogaciamo Lopez, Crispin Perez
TYPE: Pluma Hidalgo, Mundo Novo
ALTITUDE: 1450-1900 MASL

About The Coffee

Union San Pedro is an association that represents eight communities located around the town of San Pedro El Alto in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur mountain range.
Union San Pedro represents around 180 coffee producing families and is co-ordinated by Salomon Garcia. Salomon is originally from Xanica, one of the eight communities of San Pedro and he helped to establish the association back in the early 2000’s.

In the last few years Salomon has returned his focus back on the producers of San Pedro full time to try and tackle some of the issue facing coffee farmers in Oaxaca today. Under Salomon’s leadership the association has funded demonstrative parcela’s or small farms for each sub association to experiment with different varieties and farming techniques to improve the low yields that are common in Oaxaca. Likewise, the association has built several coffee nurseries to supply its members with high quality seedlings, a real rarity for most producers here.

Most significantly Salomon has focused Union San Pedro on a concerted program of reforestation and diversification. This has taken the form of ‘bosques comestibles’ or edible forests comprised of alternative food crops such as vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and cacao. As well as improving the health of the land and soil, these crops provide important further revenue streams and capital for Union San Pedro. Many young people are forced leave the region in search of work and the average age of producers is increasing. Part of the strategy around developing the infrastructure in San Pedro is to provide jobs and opportunities in the nurseries, parcelas and edible forests for the young members, to slow the rate of outward migration.

The average farmer in San Pedro has between 1-4 hectares of land and generally a very small production of coffee like most producers in Oaxaca. This lot is comprised of coffees from seven producers from three of the sub associations; Los Naranjos, Tierra Blanca and Malvavisco. Coffees are pulped, usually with a hand pulper and fermented in wooden tanks. The coffee is a mix of two varieties that are very typical to the Sierra Sur, Mundo Novo and Pluma Hidalgo. Pluma Hidalgo is a variant of the typica variety and was developed in the Sierra Sur, in the town of Pluma Hidalgo just a few miles from San Pedro.

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