Kong Que, CHINA - Filter roast

  • Product Info

    PRODUCER: various

    PROCESS: washed

    REGION: Yunnan, China

    VARIETAL: catimor

    ALTITUDE: 1400-1600 MASL

    Tasting Notes:      notes of watermelon and red apple with black tea body and a creamy chocolate and hazelnut finish

    About The Coffee

    In China, it's believed that KongQue, the peacock, brings good fortunes to the families whose land he nests on. 

    This coffee showcases the incredible potential of Yunnan, a relatively novel coffee region. Most people—even coffee professionals—have not encountered coffee from Yunnan, so our KongQue is a unique opportunity to try something entirely new.

    The majority of coffee produced in China is grown in the Yunnan Province in western China. Yunnan is poised to be a consistent and reliable supplier of clean, balanced coffees. The majority of coffee in Yunnan travels through Pu’er where most dry mills are concentrated. All cherry is selectively handpicked. Like this coffee, 95% of all coffee produced in Yunnan is Fully washed. 

    Despite not being well known for coffee production, Yunnan has the ideal conditions for specialty coffee production. In a market where consistency has not always been a focus, we are excited by this opportunity to deliver reliable, quality coffees to our customers. With some investment in training and infrastructure, a lot of hard work and a robust quality control system, coffee producers in Yunnan can shine. 

    Our importer has a Lab and Office in the heart of Munaihe, just outside of Pu’er. This small village is where most of the key traders and dry mills in Yunnan are based. A small but very experienced team is committed to delivering coffees to the high quality and ethical standards of our importer. The Yunnan team has worked to develop specific products to represent Yunnan coffees.