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    Tasting Notes: Rich caramel and cocoa nib body with sweet candied orange acidity and sugary finish


    FARMSitio Passa Quatro
    REGION: Guaxupé - South of Minas

    About The Coffee


    Odair started his coffee career working for a coffee grower as a farm manager. In 2009 with the ambition to manage his own coffee, he managed to lease he small farm he manages now from Onésio Porfírio, a well-respected producer in Guaxupe, Sul de Minas.

    Learning more each year he sought to increase the quality of his coffee, in 2020 he invested in raised beds which changed the game for him. The beds coupled with a good altitude of 1100m have enabled him to reach the specialty market. The coffee dried on these beds this year has produced a winey coffee with good acidity and red fruit/ cherry notes.

    Harvesting of the 7.5 hectares is between July and August. with the help of his sons during the harvest and the post-harvest to handle the volume he picks every year.