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Tonto Cima, Uganda — Filter Roast

  • Product Info

    PRODUCER The Coffee Gardens
    PROCESS Yeast Fermentation Washed
    REGION Upper Bukyabo, Sironko District
    VARIETAL S114, S128 Nyasaland
    ALTITUDE 1800-2200 MASL
    TASTING NOTES Dried apricot and cotton candy with a creamy coconut flesh and pecan body


    About The Coffee 

    This coffee is micro-lot produced by farmers on the mountain above The Coffee Gardens' washing station in Upper Bukyabo. This particular lot was harvested in January 2023 and is named Tonto CIMA after the local fermented drink and yeast that was added.

    The farmers bring the coffee cherries down the mountain to the washing station where it’s sorted before being pulped and then soaked in cold mountain water. The coffee is then submerged in tanks with the signature fermentation of the special LALCAFE CIMA Yeast for 40hrs. Following its submersion it’s washed, with any floating beans removed. The coffee is then transferred to raised beds to dry the skin in the shade for 2-3 days. It is then transported down the hill to a drying yard in Mbale where it is dried for another 10 days down to below 11%. Lastly, the coffee is then left to rest before being prepared for milling and shipping.