Bany Murah Village, Yemen Filter Roast From Mocha Hunters

  • Product Info

    PROCESS: Natural
    TYPE:         Jadi
    ALTITUDE: 2000 - 2100 MASL

    Tasting Notes: Complex mango and kiwi fruit acidity with a cinder toffee body and sweet lasting finish

    About The Coffee

    One of our most interesting and hard to source coffees, this natural processed coffee (as with all Yemeni coffee) form Bany Murah Village, East Haraz. This coffee is from our friend and collaborator, Mohammed Ali, from Mocha Hunters, and only comes around once in a while.

    We met Mohammed several years ago when he was looking for someone to roast his coffee for him strictly for personal use. Of course, there was a bit of a trade enticement and we always ended up with a bit for us to enjoy, but since roasting Mohammed's coffee we rarely put it up for sale on our site.

    This is truly exclusive and based on a longstanding friendship we have had with Mohammed and Mocha Hunters over the years.

    We are literally the only roastery in the world where you can get this coffee!

    If you'd like to try something truly unique that is very hard to come by, you should do yourself a favour and give this a go. Bear in mind that this coffee will cost a bit more so get your scales out and work to a good recipe, eh? You don't want to be wasting any of it!

    We can grind this for you but we do recommend using a scale and home grinder. Get in touch if you need a good recipe recommendation.

    100g for £7, 250g for £15.