Passiflora, Colombia DECAF - Espresso Roast

  • Product Info

    Tasting Notes: Redcurrant & pear drop high notes with sweet heavy toffee apple  body


    About the coffee

    Process: Sugarcane (E.A.) Decaffeinated
    Type: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
    Altitude: 1500–2000 masl

    We are thrilled to be offering this micro-regional decaffeinated lot sourced with care through Langdon Coffee Merchants and Cedro Alto, the latter who are at the forefront of championing indigenous Colombian coffee farmers rights in the specialty coffee market by providing both roasters, and perhaps more importantly the smallholders themselves full traceabilty of their coffees one the global market.

    As with all coffees we source, full permission has been granted by the smallholders to share their photographs and farm information, as is appropriate to their region. Due to current civil unrest and continuing farm looting in Colombia, we will not share the specific location of smallholders farms.

    With the help of AGPROCEM initiative in Tolima, smallholders are able to focus on cup quality, lot separation capabilities and environmental conservation, many of the members being organic or fair-trade certified. Cedro Alto partners with AGPROCEM to segregate lots by profile and channel them to their ideal roasters and give farmers the best price possible, either as single farm microlots or as bespoke regional lots.