Nyamasheke, RWANDA - Espresso Roast

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    This Espresso hails from the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda. 


    Tasting Notes:  Greengage and elderberry top notes with a rich caramel body and sugary finish.


    Region: Nyamasheke

    Altitude: 1500-2100m

    Producer Partner: Muraho Trading/ smallholders of Kilimbi, Rugali & Gisheke CWS

    Variety : Red Bourbon 'gito'

    Processing : Fully Washed

    This Red Bourbon hails from three washing stations; Kilimbi, Rugali and Gisheke all located in the western Nyamasheke region of Rwanda that skirts the shores of Lake Kivu.

    Gito, which means tiny in Kinyarwandan, is the name given to these small screen 13 and 14 size beans that are sorted out at the dry mill from individual microlots from the three washing stations.

    Our sourcing partners, Raw Material work in Rwanda with Muraho Trading Company. This partnership helps affiliate co-operatives increase their quality of production, fetch a higher price for their coffee, and introduces them to new markets.