Dora Mendez, COLOMBIA - Filter Roast

  • Product Info

    FARM: Finca El Diamante

    FARM: Finca Buenavista

    PRODUCER: Dora Mendez

    PROCESS: washed, 

    REGION: La Plara, Huila

    VARIETAL: mixed


    Tasting Notes:      notes of apricot and cantaloupe melon with a rich black tea and caramel body

    About The Coffee 

    This is our second filter coffee this year sourced from Cedro Alto Coffee, a group of small coffee farmers leveraging the sharing ecomomy to export their microlots. They are focused on cup quality, environmental and economic sustainability, and transparency in the supply chain. They achieve these by working vertically from farm to roastery, as a collective organization in order to incentivise sustainable production of high-quality microlot coffee, achieve prices for farmers that improve their families' quality of life, and add value to roasters though transparency and direct relations.