Cooxupe Sul de Minas, BRAZIL— Espresso Roast

  • Product Info

    PRODUCER: Members of Cooxupe Cooperative

    PROCESS: natural

    REGION: Sul de Minas

    VARIETAL: mixed

    ALTITUDE: 1000-1300 MASL

    Tasting Notes:         notes of blackcurrant jam and dried fruit with a rich toffee and marzipan body and long lasting chocolate finish

    About The Coffee

    The coffee produced by the members of the Cooxupé cooperative is a testament to the hard work and dedication of many small producers. Located in the producing region of South of Minas, the cooperative is based in Guaxupé, a mountainous region in southern Minas Gerais state known for producing specialty coffees.

    Despite the challenges of working in a mountainous region, where producers must rely on manual labour and hand-powered tools rather than mechanisation, the cooperative is committed to ensuring the quality of its coffee. This is achieved through a combination of paying premiums to farmers, providing agronomical support and assistance in the post-harvest, and closely monitoring the coffee production process from start to finish.

    One producer who stands out is Wanderly Franco and his farm Sitio Morada do Passoros. He is utterly committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. He uses natural fertilisers, organic pest control methods, and preserves the habitat of the bird species on the farm. He believes that this not only benefits the plants, but also helps to improve the quality of the soil and preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem, in turn the land rewards him by allowing him to produce higher quality coffee.

    The Cooxupé cooperative is a highly organised group of small-scale producers who strive to produce the highest quality coffee possible. They work closely together to overcome the challenges of working in a mountainous region and are committed to ensuring that their coffee is of the highest quality. The result is a delicious coffee displaying strong caramel notes and a gentle stone fruit acidity.