Proyecto Cabanas, HONDURAS - Espresso Roast

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    PRODUCER: Proyecto Cabañas 

    PROCESS: washed, dried on African beds

    REGION: Los Planes, Cabanas

    VARIETAL: Lempira, Catuai, Ihcafe 90, Pacas


    Tasting Notes:      notes of lemon zest and sweet plum and a rich milk chocolate, and walnut body


    About The Coffee 

    Some residents of the Cabañas community began to experiment with coffee cultivation around the year 2000 when they saw the success in other communities, they started planting the varieties Pacas and Typica.

    In 2011 there was an unexpected Roya infection, that damaged the plants until they were almost dead. With the help of the coffee institute, the producers then opted to renew the farms with varieties as Lempira, the Typica and Pacas varieties were abandoned. Since then, the Lempira variety has predominated.

    In 2012, the Proyecto Cabañas began with just 3 producers, a pulping machine, and 3 raised beds were installed on a rented plot of land. After these years and with the success of the project, it has grown little by little. Now they have a better wet-mill and drying station with raised beds. They work with a group of around 20 producers, most of them are small producers who work their farms with their families.

    The coffee is pulped and goes directly to a mechanical washer to wash and remove the mucilage, There is no fermentation process.
    After washing the parchment, it is dried in African beds with a capacity for 1100 pounds of dry parchment coffee each, stirred every half hour and dried for 15 days. During the drying phase, the parchment is sorted by hand to remove defective beans.

    The high altitude and the temperate climate most of the year result in a consistent profile of the coffee.