Nilson Mengali, BRAZIL— Espresso Roast

  • Product Info

    FARM/LOT: Sitio Pirapitinga

    PROCESS: natural

    REGION: Divinolandia

    VARIETAL: Yellow Catuai

    ALTITUDE: 1000-1300 MASL

    Tasting Notes:        notes of dried figs and raisins with a brown sugar, cocoa and hazelnut body and long lasting finish

    About The Coffee

    Working as a share cropper on a neighbouring farm, Nilson saved enough money to buy the 5.8 hectares of Sitio Pirapitinga which he is now able to call his own

    Share cropping is where a tenant farmer pays rent with a percentage of the harvest.

    Altitude has to be the single most important environmental factor that contributes towards cup quality and at 1300m Pirapitinga has a very privileged position indeed. This is about the upper limit that coffee will grow in this region of Brazil. Any higher and frost becomes a major threat but here the maturation is perfectly slow.

    His coffee is sun dried on patios near to the farm house.